PARTH has a wide range of products for its valued customers from various fields such as Packaging - Industrial, Food, Printing, Labelling, Agriculture, and so on. Herein below please find our current range of Multilayer Film - Shrink Film and Lamination Film, Agricultural Film- Greenhouse Film, Mulch Film Besides these regular products we also specialise in giving customised products as per customer specification / application on project basis.

Co-Extruded Multilayer Films

Coextruded film is a multilayer film having peel able interfaces. The interfaces after separation expose a clean non-sticky surface. These peel able layers are created by multilayer polymer co extrusion. The structures can be made on conventional film processing equipment. The peel able interfaces can serve as renewable surfaces, removable coupons, tags, and cards, carrier webs, opening mechanisms and labels. The multi layer co extrusion can be designed for one or two side printing, post converting operation compatibility or for functionality. The layers can be pigmented or modified with other additives. The bond between the layers can be adjusted from low to high.

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